Unlock Your World-Class Athlete

You don't need to be a PGA Tour winner in order to train like one. I show you how to train, practice, warm up and recover like a world-class athlete. 

Stop wandering around aimlessly at the gym

Don't be the person wasting time and effort at the gym. Stop doing workouts that destroy your body and scores. LoadXplode is a follow along training program that not only provides you with the essential exercises for improved performance, but more importantly coaches you through them at every step.

Just starting out or an advanced athlete?

Our program has you covered regardless of your current fitness or experience level. Training for the tour? No problem. Want to beat your buddy in your Saturday nassau? Let's do it. The LoadXplode program starts with fundamental movement patterns that progress weekly until you are a lean mean dynamic moving machine.

Results from PGA Tour to Sunday scrambles

The LoadXplode program has helped juniors, weekend warriors, high level amateurs, PGA Tour Champions and everyone in between since 2010! If you want to discover lower scores, have more fun, and enjoy all the benefits of a better functioning body, LoadXplode is your answer. Join a community of motivated athletes. 

Why is this program the right program for me and my game? 

LoadXplode is a culmination of all the best elements from Coach Glass’ 25 years of training athletes. While developing programs for Team Canada, he found that each individualized program had common programming elements, whether they were juniors, ams or pros. With progressive complexity program design, he was able to create a program that takes care of 80% of every golfer's needs regardless of where they start their journey. LoadXplode delivers distance, consistency & confidence. 

Your Long Term Development Road Map 

You may have participated in 4 or 6 week training programs. Short term thinking doesn't deliver results. For true athletic adaptation you need a program that reinforces quality, dynamic movement patterns over an extended time. The LoadXplode 16 week program takes you through Body Prep, High Threshold (neuromuscular training), Strength and Power Training and finally the Golf Specific Phase to bring it all together. Move dynamically, reinforce the quality movement with strength and put it in play! That is a plan you can cycle through 3 times a year. 

Don't let your body be the limiting factor to you playing your best! 

The number one goal for our athletes is for them to step on the first tee and confidently know that they did everything in their power to make this round their best. There is nothing worse than that nagging feeling you get when you are unsure if you did enough. The secret is not doing more, its all about doing the right things at the right time at the right intensity!

How does this program work exactly? 

Take the guessing out of your performance plan. We walk you through each week’s program with follow-along videos including your Body Prep, Dynamic Warm Up, Phase Specific Program, and Cool Down. Each week you receive an email with links to videos, time requirements, sets and reps, and a printable or downloadable PDF of the exercises. You get Coach Glass’ technical cues plus all the details you need to perform the workout. Questions or want a little motivation? The LoadXplode FaceBook group is your portal to Coach Glass and his advisory board of experts. Ask questions, share your story or get accountability partners! Once you complete each week you will check it off and get access to the next week’s program.

Athlete LoadXplode

Whether you want to be the best player in your foursome, club, state, or the world... You're not getting there without a physical program that gets you utilizing the most up-to-date and valuable exercise practices of rotational athletes. Join a passionate community of athletes who want to see you perform your very best.

Athletes: Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions that aren't covered below? Email us at [email protected]b.com

The LoadXplode program is designed to be performed while you practice and play. It is designed to enhance your play and not take you out of the game. Coach Glass’ Minimal Dose approach to training will have you playing better after your session and not leave you with any toxic overtraining soreness.

You will need some basic equipment such as generic exercise bands, a dowel or golf club, medicine ball, dumbbells and a skipping rope. The program is designed using equipment that most people either have in their home or have easy access to. If you need to purchase any equipment, Coach Glass has teamed up with Perform Better to get you all the gear you need at 15% off by using his discount code GLASS19.

No previous gym experience is required but if you are a seasoned gym rat you will learn a ton form Coach Glass’ unique training techniques and coaching cues. The LoadXplode program progresses from basic to complex movement patterns. The follow-along videos clearly demonstrate each exercise and Coach Glass provides specific coaching cues for each movement to help you refine your technique. It is like getting a 1 on 1 training session with the Coach each session!

The LoadXplode Program is scientifically designed to maximize your rotational speed and power output. It may seem easy at first but it is designed to progressively layer athleticism, strength and power throughout the 16 week training program. If you want to add a heavy weight lifting session, long endurance cardio sessions or play other sports while doing the LoadXplode program it is fine. We do however recommend you make a full commitment to the program to maximize the results. The feedback we have received from your Loaders is that their 1 rep max lifts went up at the end of the program without performing the test exercise for 16 weeks. Trust the program, the Coach designed it to make you stronger and faster. Power is power, strength is strength!

The LoadXplode program is perfect for anyone from the biological age of 15 (post pubescent) till the day you can no longer swing the big stick! The program focuses on building athletes and making you move more efficiently and dynamically. Who doesn’t need a more of that?

The LoadXplode program will elevate your heart rate and increase your physical exertion and therefore you should consult with a physician before starting the program. You will need to be physically and mentally prepared for the activities and exercises you will encounter in this program.

Injuries, illness and life often get in the way of your training goals. The LoadXplode program takes 16 weeks to complete but once you've paid you have access to the program in perpetuity. So if you need to take a few weeks off, you can restart or pick up your program where you left off whenever you like.

But what the hell does Coach Glass know about training rotational athletes? 

Jason Glass is one of the world’s top Rotational Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Jason owns and operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver, BC; specializing in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training.

Jason is a consultant for many teams and professional athletes from the PGA Tour, NFL, NHL, MLB and Extreme Sports. Jason has also served 5 years as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian National Team. Jason currently works with PGA winners Adam Hadwin, Andrew Putnam and Master Champ Mike Weir to name a few. Jason is also the head of the Titleist Performance Institutes Fitness Advisory Board.

Jason has been featured on the Golf Channel, Golf Canada Magazine and CBC Sports. Jason’s the host of the highly acclaimed Coach Glass Podcast on iTunes. 

Jason is a professional speaker and lead presenter for the Titleist Performance Institute and Perform Better. Jason has presented internationally on golf conditioning, functional training, corrective exercise progressions, and creating rotary power for all athletes. His enthusiasm, sense of humour and passion for training makes Jason a crowd favourite on the speaker’s circuit.

This Programme Might Not Be For You

The LoadXplode program is not for everyone. It requires a commitment to your own excellence. A dedication to leaving no rock unturned when it comes to your performance plan. There are a ton of programs out there that are less intensive and less specific to the demands of golf. If you are looking for something less specific and more generic in nature, Coach Glass has the following list of components to look for in your alternative online program search.

  • Meets your outcome goals
  • Fits your time requirements
  • Matches your gym experience
  • Instructor resonates with you
  • Advertised outcomes are realistic

Athlete LoadXplode

Whether you want to be the best player in your foursome, club, state, or the world... You're not getting there without a physical program that gets you utilizing the most up-to-date and valuable exercise practices of rotational athletes. Join a passionate community of athletes who want to see you perform your very best.


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