World Class Coaching Roadmap

How do you become the best coach possible for your athletes? How do you build a reputation based on expertise, excellence and results? 

Content you can use with your athletes TODAY!

Get the exercises used by the World's top rotational athletes. Coach Glass' unique, tour tested exercises are the building blocks to the LoadXplode training philosophy. Simple to learn, administer and integrate into your systems. The supplementary video library is like an online masters degree in performance training. 

Access the mind of Coach Glass & his friends

Go DEEP into the mind of Coach Glass and his advisory board of experts. Coach Glass is the Head of the TPI Advisory and has access to the industry giants when he is searching for answers. This program is built on the shoulders of some of the greatest minds in sports and performance.  

Periodization, Programming & Philosophy

For all you coaches who like to get DEEP into programming. We have videos & downloadable LoadXplode workout PDF's with exercises and more importantly the philosophy behind Coach Glass' unique approach to rotational training. You will never train your clients the same way again! 

Use LoadXplode In Your Rotational Athlete Toolbox

"Had a freshman pitcher who I worked with all summer. I completed the whole 16 week Load and Explode Program, he took the whole 16 weeks off from throwing while training with me. Yesterday was his first time back on the mound, he faced 6 batters and stroke out all 6 batters while also hitting a TRIPLE! LOAD AND EXPLODE BABY! Thank you again Jason for laying out the foundation of training the rotational athlete! I have now brought the program into multiple country clubs here in the desert and they absolutely love it!" 

- Anthony

Your Long Term Development Roadmap

I've spent a large part of my career helping other coaches develop their skills, athletes and businesses. Through TPI seminars, my MENTORSHIP events, online courses, podcast or community I've always pushed coaches just like you to discover their best. Join the LoadXplode course and let's get started on your roadmap... 

Join a Community That's Dedicated To Your Success

"My mission in life is to Inspire Others to Greatness. I love helping coaches especially as they are the ones on the front lines inspiring their students." Coach Glass

The LoadXplode community is a group of highly educated and experienced coaches who want to help the next generation of coaches! 


Exactly How This is Going to Work 

LoadXplode Coaches Roadmap is designed to walk you through the why and how of Coach Glass' tour proven training programs. The course walks you through each week’s program with follow along videos including your Body Prep, Dynamic Warm Up, Phase Specific Program, and Cool Down. The weekly downloadable program PDF includes Coach Glass’ technical cues plus all the details you need to coach them to your athletes. Have a question for the Coach? The LoadXplode FaceBook group is your portal to Coach Glass and his advisory board of experts. You can ask questions, share your story or just enjoy the group from a distance! It's that simple.

Just a quick note to let you know that I am loving the new weekly emails and DreamBIG coaching support. Great content and motivation all around. Keep up the great work." - James

LoadXplode Coaches

Whether you're just starting out in your coaching journey, need to upgrade your offering or you have an insatiable drive to learn more and develop yourself, LXP will guide and support you on your path.

How Will LoadXplode Benefit Your Athletes?

"During the program I could feel that coach Glass addressed all areas; coordination, sequencing, balance, mobility, strength and speed. My golf practice became more productive, enjoyable and my recovery has improved, too. Regardless what sport you do, the LoadXplode is going to make you better, stronger and faster."


I'm In Your Corner, Holding You Accountable To Your Greatness

"I've always valued getting other people's perspectives and being shown something through a different lens. It's essential for growth. That's exactly what I got with Jason. Be better than you were the day before but most importantly help others to do the same."

- Jordan

LoadXplode Coaches

Whether you are a new coach looking for some new exercises & training techniques or a seasoned vet wanting to go DEEP into advanced programming, the LoadXplode Coaches Roadmap is perfect for you. Coach Glass has an incredible ability to breakdown the most complex concepts and make them seem simple. What are you waiting for?

COACHES: Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions that aren't covered below? Email us at [email protected]

The LoadXplode is exactly what I give my athletes. Whether they are an NFL QB, little league slugger, college golfer or the Masters Champ, they all train under the same training principles that the LoadXplode program is built upon. 

The LoadXplode Members Only FaceBook Group is your direct portal to Coach Glass and his experienced staff. Members of this group include some of the world’s top experts in fitness, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition and technical coaching. The group loves to geek out on technical questions and the hot topics of the day. There's also an email address you can use, should you feel there are questions that haven't been addressed.

I host live LoadXplode events for coaches all over the globe.

Attending these live events gives you educational non accredited fitness industry category CEUs. 

I love it when other coaches use my techniques and think of it as a compliment. If I can save other coaches from years of mistakes by sharing my 25 years of experience…I'm all in! My techniques and training philosophy are based on and built upon the shoulders of my mentors and colleagues. I always give credit where credit is due!


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